Destiny: Venus Warp Gate

A very early concept of a Vex warp gate under construction on Venus.

Destiny: Ice Moon

Destiny: Space Epic

Destiny: Hive Moon

An early concept showing an ancient Hive structure on the moon. 

An early concept of Hive tunnels underneath the surface of the moon.

Destiny: Cabal Base

An early concept of a Cabal base on Mars.

Destiny Moon Base

Early concepts for human buildings on the moon.


Destiny: Hive Catacombs

This was a very early stab at Hive catacombs underneath the surface of the moon.  Heavily influenced by Beksinski and Peter Gric.

Destiny: Vex Warp Gate

This is a concept done for the Vex warp gate at the end of the Endless Steps mission on Venus.

Destiny: Vex Venus Battle

Originally meant for a cover, this image shows a fireteam taking on a slightly bigger-than-normal(!) Vex Minotaur.  Thanks to Isaac for finding this piece online!