a project

These images are part of a proposal for a (possibly) VR project aimed at increasing awareness around potential repercussions of unchecked climate change.  Each of these images could be a short vr moment focused on the experiences of a 5-year old boy from Houston. I have two boys, a 5 and a 3 year old, so this project meant a lot to me emotionally.  

The first image shows the boy's house being destroyed by a strong hurricane.

Their city's infrastructure is destroyed, and the family moves north to an uncle's ranch.  Devastating drought kills his crops and livestock, and they are forced to abandon that home as well.
On their way north, they are caught in a huge traffic jam on the interstate.  Many other people are making their way north to find a more stable living situation.  During a heat wave, the boy's uncle dies of a new mosquito-born disease combined with dehydration.  The national guard is called in to keep order and news drones broadcast the event.
New state border walls have been erected to stem the tide of climate refugees.  Near Jackson, WY, the family, now carless, is caught between a forest fire and a locked gate.
But it doesn't have to be that way- if we keep working and pushing on solutions, maybe we can have a different future...
Where each image is located geographically.